Welcome to Esty Breaching

Standing at a door of a target location, unable to open the fortified ingress with a team of operators behind you in harms way is no way to start your day. I refused to stand on the "X" for any longer than necessary and refuse to place my partners in harms way for any longer than needed to gain entry. We created tools that cut seconds off the time at the door. Our tools are faster period, and get you off the "X". The clock starts at the first sound at the door, make every second count.

Esty Breaching

For those who stand on the "X" and on the two way range. These custom tools cut seconds off your exposure, where milliseconds count. Made and hand forged using top quality US Steel. Patents Pending.

You need to get in and we have the ram for the job. Our units can get you in quickly and efficiently. We save time at the door with our tools and techniques. Custom hardened multi-tool designs to cut time of exposure of operator. Our precision made tools are proudly made in the USA using US Steel.