Esty Breaching - Chuck-E-Tool

Chuck-E Belt Tool

The Chuck-E-Tool is a 4130 heat treated steel belt tool. Designed and tested in the field to fit on most duty belts behind a keeper or magazine pouch. Have a quality, strong mini pry bar with you whenever you need it.

Designed to overcome security screen doors, gates, and to work in conjunction with other tools to get you in when you need it most. Carry a Chuck E Tool on your belt and save your $200 knife for what it’s intended. Made of quality US steel, in America on American machines.

4130 Heat Treated Steel.

Specs: Length = 8 3/4" - Width = 1 1/2" - Height = 1"

Patent # US 11,345,578 B1

Patent # US D883,766 S

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Esty-Chuck-E Belt Tool
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Made in the U.S.A.