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Product Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Does Phase 5 have a store that is open to the public?

A: No, Phase 5 does not have a storefront that is open to the public, but there are several dealers in our immediate area that carry our products if you prefer to buy from a store rather than online. (you may email for more information.)

Q: Does Phase 5 ship website orders to international customers?

A: No, we do not ship any packages from our facility that require customs documents. Please email for more information on how to obtain our products.

Q: Do you offer any other color options for your products?

A: No, we do not offer any special request or custom color options on our products.

Buffer Tubes

Q: Is the Shockwave Blade compatible with the PBT or HEX-2 Pistol buffer tubes?

A: The PBT and HEX-2 are compatible in diameter, but they are not pre-dimpled on the underside for the set screw to lock at specific positions.

Extended Bolt Release

Q: Do the EBR (Extended Bolt Release) products work with a FLAT TRIGGER?

A: Yes, they do work with the flat triggers. However, we have had some customers complain about the amount of clearance between the leg of the EBR and the trigger.

Q: Do you have an extended bolt release that works on my S&W M&P 15-22?

A: No.

LPSN Rails

Q: Will the LPSN15 handguard work on my .308 rifle?

A: No.

Q: Will the LPSN15 handguard work on my 300BLK rifle?

A: Yes.

Magazine Locks and Release Devices

Q: I don't live in CA but I am a true patriot, should I order the Patriot Mag Release?

A: No, it is a magazine locking device designed for California customers.

Q: Will the MRT (magazine release tool) work on the Raddlock bullet button?

A: No.

Muzzle Devices

Q: Will the FATman or littleBOY Hex Brakes fit inside my handguard?

A: If your handguard ID is greater than 1.265”, then yes, if it is smaller, then no. (see product page for more dimensions)

Q: Will the FATman or littleBOY Hex Brakes work on my 7.62x39 with a 5/8x24TPI?

A: Yes, please follow this link to the appropriate product.

SB-15 AP (Accessory Plug)

Q: Will the SB-15 AP work with the Shockwave Blade?

A: No, the SB-15 AP is designed to work with the SB-15 and SBM4 braces.

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