Mary Ram

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The “Mary” ram was designed as a multipurpose tool. One end is designed to ram a door with a flat impact face, and at the opposite end is a proprietary, hardened and toothed two-prong fork. The flat ram side is used as an impact device to force open a door, and the other end acts as a pry tool and lock defeating mechanism. The forked end has specifically designed teeth inside the prongs that grab and secure shackles of locks, and through applied torque, cause the shackle to be broken. The teeth were specifically designed to keep lock shackles from twisting like a "bread tie", which would still allow the lock to remain secure after the body of the lock was defeated.

When a locking item is secured in the teeth of the “Mary” head and torque is applied, the pronged “Mary” head destroys the shackle at the weakest point of the lock or mounting hardware much faster and efficiently than other devices currently on the market.

In timed tests, the “Mary” ram and it’s lock defeating system were faster than common bolt cutters, where multiple people are needed to reach the goal of cutting the lock shackle. Instead, the “Mary” ram only needs one operator to handle the system to defeat any type of padlock, thereby lessening the time of exposure.

The forked end of the “Mary” ram can be used with the weight of the ram behind it in tight areas to perforate doors, apply prying force and defeat door locking mechanisms, on both wooden and steel framed door and jamb construction. If needed, an operator can weaken the locking mechanism and door jamb, then swiftly switch to the flat impact side of the tool to apply force to the weakened door for complete entry.

Guaranteed for life 100% Made of US Steel in the USA

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Item Price: $750.00
Purchasing Info:
Overall Length:
29.6 inches
Product Weight:
33.5 lbs
Made in the U.S.A.