Winter Trigger Guard (WTG)

Black/ Red/ Grey/ Blue

The newly revised Phase 5™ Winter Trigger Guard (WTG™) is Billet Aluminum and aggressively styled, but creates more space in the trigger area—a useful feature when wearing gloves or when running other components like the Extended Bolt Release V1 or EBRv3. The WTG™ combines form and function.


  • (1) Winter Trigger Guard
  • (1) L-Wrench and screw
  • (1) Roll Pin

Prop 65 Warning

Item Price: $25.00
Overall Length:
2.29 inches
Product Weight:
Assembled Weight:
Made in the U.S.A.
Unique ergonomic design

Unique ergonomic design

Guard shape adds visual appeal and maximizes trigger area space to allow use with gloves or other components while maintaining an eroganomic design to reduce fatigue caused by long hours of carrying the weapon.


  • Hardware Included - Includes Allen wrench, roll pin, anti-rattle screw and trigger guard
Unique ergonomic design

RED WTG Installed

RED WTG Installed