Phase 5 Barrel Nut for LPSN Quad Rails

Steel barrel nut and screws for (LPSN) Lo-Pro Slope Nose Quad Rails.

Finish: Matte black parkerized

*Wrench size for installation is 1 1/8"

Torque specs for the (6) mounting screws: 25 inch-pounds.

Torque specs for the Barrel Nut: 35-80 foot-pounds.

Inner Diameter= 1.00"

Includes: Barrel nut, mounting screws for LPSN and LPSN-MLOK.

Prop 65 Warning

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Item Price: $25.00
Barrel Nut
Overall Length:
2 Inches
Assembled Weight:
Made in the U.S.A.
Barrel nut