MIRA Safety, DropLeg Pouch v2 (BLACK)

Keeping your gas mask accessible and ready at a moment’s notice is crucial to maintaining maximum safety and survivability. Our rugged nylon gas mask bag is designed to do exactly that: protect your gas mask and keep it comfortably on your hip all day long.

Based on two years of feedback, the second version of our gas mask pouch improves the original design. This includes using durable 600D PVC-coated nylon fabric and making it larger to fit a fully assembled mask with the filter attached for faster deployment.

In a matter of seconds, you can deploy your mask to protect yourself from various chemical, biological and radiological threats. Our gas mask pouch is flexible enough to fit most gas masks and carry configurations—so it’s perfect for almost everyone.

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Item Price: $47.95
Product Width:
8 inches
Product Height:
11 inches
Product Weight:
17.35 oz

Gas Mask Pouch Key Features:

Rugged ripstop 600D nylon construction

Dimensions: 11” high, 8” wide, 4.5” deep

Weight: 492 g

Comes with adjustable leg straps and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap

Side-release buckles and loop closure provide tight and secure storage

Secured Y-harness configuration with heavy-duty straps and quick-release swivel buckles

Dual non-slip BTS belt loops ensure a snug fit

Proven gas mask bag doubles as a dump pouch for empty magazines and other equipment

1/8” padded backing makes carrying easier and more comfortable

Designed to be compact, and will hold any MIRA Safety gas mask/filter combo fully assembled