MFT BUS - Battlelink™ Utility Stock


Adapts and changes based on your environment or operational needs, from storing additional items in the rear compartment to utilizing custom accessory mounts.

● Slide-on replacement for original collapsible butt stock
● Angled non-slip buttpad allows faster presentation, even with body armor
● Pivoting rear accessed large and water resistant storage compartment
● Customizable foam storage block with quick access tab diminishes rattle
● Quick Detach Sling mounting points (2) are positioned for optimum usage
● Multiple Sling Slots
● Upper section provides enhanced cheek weld
● Accessory mounting provisions

● MilSpec Buffer Tube Spec (buffer tube not included)

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Item Price: $89.99
MFT BUS Buttstock
Overall Length:
5.224"(H) x 1.752"(W)
Product Weight: