HexOne™ Buffer Tube (HexOne)

HexOne-C Complete Buffer Tube Assembly (HexOne-C)

Phase 5 WSI will not honor returns on any buffer tubes due to policy, rule, regulation, or law changes.

The HexOne™ Buffer Tube is CNC machined from US Certified 7075 T7 billet aluminum. These HexOne™ Buffer Tubes feature a new Hex design and include machined scallops that add style to this heavy-duty and extremely rugged component. The HexOne™ undergoes an additional surface tumbling process that toughens the outer edges and surfaces yet leaves everything smooth and snag free. Simple, sleek, tough as hell and perfect for 5.56NATO/.223 or 300blk.

Edge to Edge OD: 1.4in.

Flat to Flat OD: 1.25in.

**This model of the Hex Tube lineup is not designed to accept a Stabilizing Brace.


HexOne Buffer Tube

Castle Nut

End Plate

Carbine Buffer

Phase 5 Enhanced Buffer Spring

Prop 65 Warning

Item Price: $59.95
Overall Length:
7.4 inches
Assembled Weight:
Made in the U.S.A.

CNC-machined 7075 T7 certified US made billet aluminum Hexagonal Pistol buffer tube

Tube is designed to fit Mil-Spec carbine buffer and spring.