Dual Latch Charging Handle Assembly

The Phase 5 Dual Latch Charging Handle Assembly (DLCH15) incorporates all of the features we input into the previous Phase 5 charging handle, but then redesigned it to be a truly ambidextrous design with "pull style" latches on both sides. The oversized contact points make this an ideal charging handle when wearing gloves, running a scope on top, or shooting with your non-dominant hand. The upgraded stainless coiled spring pins and increased sidewall thickness provide exceptional performance under repeated abuse and extreme situations.

Finish-Black: Black Anodize

Finish-MG: Satin Mag Cerakote (code H-147)

Finish-FDE: MagPul Flat Dark Earth Cerakote (code C-267)

Finish-ODGreen: Mil Spec OD Green (code H-240)

Item Price: $64.99
Overall Length:
7.5 inches
Made in the U.S.A.