6In Foam Pad

Pistol Buffer Tube 6" Foam Pad Cover (PBT-FP-6in)

Our AR15 Buffer Tube Foam Pad is made from NPVC (also known as NBR or Nitrile), a durable material with good abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. Our NPVC foam is resistant to oils and fuels, as well as the destructive effects of ozone and UV light. The temperature range of this foam is -20°F to +220°F.

Fits 1.25” diameter buffer tubes
Pad length: 6"

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Item Price: $10.00
Overall Length:
6 Inches
Assembled Weight:
Made in the U.S.A.
Durable construction

Durable construction

Our NPVC is composed with antidegredants to improve strength and resistance to ozone and UV light. Foam is rated to withstand temperature extremes as low as -20° F and as high as 220° F.

Foam pad open on both ends