2-Point Rifle Slings (QD Connect)

The Phase 5™ 2-Point Rifle Sling with QD swivel attachment points. This slings' adjustment hardware allows a weapon to be carried close to the operator's body or quickly adjusted away from the body creating ample room for movement or gear. These slings feature a heavy-duty 1.5" webbing for comfort, two QD swivels for easy attachment to most Modern Sporting Rifles, a rounded metal slide for fixed adjustments to the overall length and a spring-loaded cam buckle for quick adjustments during use.

Heavy duty push button swivels "QD Connect"

*Please note color dye lots will differ.

Webbing Width: 1.5"

Shortest Overall Length: 33.5"

Longest Overall Length: 61"

Item Price: $60.00
Overall Length:
Made in the U.S.A.