HexOne™ Buffer Tube (HexOne)

HexOne™ Buffer Tube (HexOne)

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The HexOne™ Buffer Tube is a CNC machined from USA certified 7075 T7 billet aluminum. These HexOne™ Buffer Tubes feature a new Hex design and include machined scallops that add style to this Heavy duty and extremely rugged upgraded component.

Perfect for 300 BLK or 5.56 NATO. The HexOne™ undergoes a rugged additional surface tumbling process that toughens the outer edges and surfaces yet leaves everything smooth and snag free.

Diameter: Edge to Edge OD: 1.4in. Flat to Flat OD: 1.25in.

Fits Mil-Spec and Billet lower receivers just like a standard Buffer Tube!

This model of the Hex Tube line (HexOne™) will not accept the Pistol Brace. Simple, sleek and tough as hell!


  • HexOne Buffer Tube
  • Castle Nut
  • End Plate


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7.4 inches
CNC-machined Hexagonal aluminum Pistol buffer tube


CNC-machined 7075 T7 certified US made billet aluminum Hexagonal Pistol buffer tube

Tube is designed to fit Mil-Spec carbine buffer and spring.

Hard-anodized Mil-Spec type III black finish


Machined lower slot

Slot offers maximum compatibility by accepting all Mil-Spec end plates and sling mounting accessories.

Machined lower slot

Anodized finish

Finish adds durability and visual appeal that ensures reliability against component wear.


Machined lower slot
Machined lower slot