Phase 5 // Hexmag 10 Round AR-15 Magazine

Hexmag 10/30 AR-15 Magazine

Hexmag “TRUE” Riser System 10 Round AR Magazine

Hexmag introduces the True HX10/30-AR 10 round magazine. Hexmag have developed a system that does not require the use of pins or limiters. Hexmag did not take their 30 round magazine and alter it Hexmag actually changed the internals to mimic a shorter 10 round magazine. The Patented Hexmag True product line uses a riser and a shorter spring in place of our standard 30 round spring.


**Hexmag does not sell parts to convert magazines to 10, 15 or 30 due to state restrictions**

Item Price: $11.99

Code: MG-10/30-HEX

Hexmag 10/30 Magazine

The High visibility, Hexmag Orange Follower allows for safer clearing of your rifle's chamber.


Hexmag 10/30 Magazine


No tools or bullet tips needed to remove the base plate and disassemble the magazine for cleaning or changing the HexID color identification system.

Hexmag 10/30 Magazine

"True" Riser System

When Hexmag originally developed their True Riser they made an effort to incorporate storage in place of reduced capacity. After all, why sell a product that is mostly empty space. Hexmag's riser system allows items to be wrapped around the riser and reinserted back into the magazine. The hexagon hole is not only a decorative feature but a place to secure line. So every Hexmag True 10 round magazine Riser has some capacity for storage. Having the ability to carry around a short length of paracord is built right into the magazine. Hexmag 10 round magazines are the magazines of choice for your survival gear.