Phase 5 // 716 Ambidextrous Battle Latch / Charging Handle Assembly (ABL/CHA716)

716 .308 Ambidextrous Battle Latch / Charging Handle Assembly (ABL/CHA716)

The 716-Ambidextrous Battle Latch Assembly is Phase 5’s charging handle designed to answer many problems that operators face with other charging handles and latches.

(ABL/CHA-716) incorporates several structural and functional improvements, including a truly ambidextrous design ideal for left-handed users. The upgraded stainless coiled spring pin and increased sidewall thickness provide exceptional performance under repeated abuse and extreme situations.

Fits only SIG716™ .308 Rifle.

  • Ambidextrous and one handed shooter operation.
  • Built-in latch and handle contact stop point.
  • Type III Mil-Spec Black hard anodized finish

Pat No.: US D705, 383 S

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8.75 inches
Fully ambidextrous design


Fully ambidextrous design

Convenient, practical design allows for easy use with either hand or full-time left-handed operation.

Broad contact points


Broad contact points

Oversized grips on the right side of the handle and on the battle latch allow for easy hand/foot charging.

Upgraded stainless steel coiled spring


Upgraded stainless steel coiled spring

By upgrading the spring’s diameter to .1875 inch diameter, we’ve given it more flexibility, uniform strength and equal stress distribution.

Increased wall thickness

A more rugged construction along the walls of the slide adds durability during extended or extreme use.