Phase 5 Weapon Systems Inc. is excited to announce the release of two new muzzle devices. The Phase 5 Flash Can is designed to direct gases, sound, and flash away from the shooter and adds a unique, stylish look to your rifle or pistol. Forcing the muzzle blast down-range will enhance your, and your range neighbor’s, experience when shooting a short barrel rifle or AR pistol and is very helpful when shooting at night or indoors. A Flash Can will not reduce felt recoil and will not reduce flash signature. The Phase 5 Hex design gives the Flash Can the perfect styling that custom gun builders are looking for.

Material: 4140 Chromoly Alloy Steel

Thread Pattern: 1/2x28 or 5/8x24

Length: 2.25”

Weight: 5.8 oz (1/2x28) and 5.5 oz (5/8x24)

Outer Diameter: 1.26”

Finish: Mil-Spec Black Parkerized