The Supreme Court held conference last Thursday on 5-23 and today we learned the fate of multiple cases that we have been watching very closely. Several cases from the state of Illinois hang on the Supreme Courts willingness to hear them. Today we got the latest decision.

Hey everybody, how's it going? Welcome back to Copper Jacket TV. I know that everybody's been waiting for some time now. Some of these cases actually got to the Supreme Court back in February, and here we are at the end of May. People have been waiting to see whether or not the Supreme Court is going to take up one of these incredibly important cases. We're talking about cases dealing with modern rifle bans, magazine restrictions, and limitations. There are several different lawsuits currently sitting before the Supreme Court right now, like Harold v. Raoul and so forth. The Supreme Court just keeps punting these things down, and last Thursday, they had another conference to determine what they were going to do with them.

We had a day off for the Supreme Court yesterday, so when things would typically come out yesterday, they didn't. Instead, the results of the last conference came out today. So, we're going to talk about what happened to all of these different cases. Let's get to it.

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Why don't we start off by taking a look at what's before the Supreme Court right now so that you have a better understanding of exactly what's at stake? Each one of these cases was set for conference on May 23rd, which again was last Thursday. So, that's when they were up for consideration. The first one is going to be Harold v. Raoul. That is an excellent case which challenges Illinois's so-called assault weapons ban, their magazine capacity restrictions, and so forth. It asks the court several questions. That's one that I would love to see them take. We also have Herrera v. Raoul, which falls more along the lines of whether or not these devices and these tools are actually protected by the text of the Second Amendment.

Then we have Barnett v. Raoul, and the question there is whether Illinois's sweeping ban on common and lawful arms violates the Second Amendment. Again, they're basically asking the court to clarify that what they're doing in Illinois is actually a violation of our constitutional rights. We also have NAGR v. City of Naperville, which asks several questions about the common use test. It asks whether the state of Illinois's ban on certain handguns is constitutional in light of the holding in DC v. Heller, which stated that handgun bans are categorically unconstitutional. There are a couple more questions after that, but that's a very important one as well.

Then we also have Langley v. Kelly, which questions whether the state of Illinois's absolute ban on certain commonly owned semi-automatic handguns is constitutional in light of the holding of DC v. Heller. Again, this is similar to NAGR. It also questions whether the state of Illinois's absolute ban on commonly owned semi-automatic handgun magazines over 15 is constitutional. Again, these are all challenging either bans or limitations and restrictions. Each one of these is, in some ways, a little bit different.

Lastly, we have GOA v. Raoul, and their question to the Supreme Court is whether Illinois's categorical ban on millions of the most commonly owned firearms and ammunition magazines in the nation, including the AR, violates the Second Amendment. That is the basic breakdown of what those questions are and the cases that are currently sitting before the Supreme Court right now, just waiting for their moment.

If you saw my last video, you know we've been waiting on this for quite a while because the first time that these things went to conference, we all waited for that following Monday to see whether or not they would take any of them or maybe GVR them, meaning Grant, Vacate, and Remand back down to the lower courts. What were they going to do? There should be some movement. The only case that we ended up losing was the Maryland case, so they basically launched that one out. These other ones were still set for a further conference on the 23rd.

There was a day off yesterday, so today they released the fact that again they have decided to completely punt these down the road to another conference set for May 30th, which is just the day after tomorrow. So again, another Thursday conference. When they were punted the first time from that first conference to the 23rd, I thought maybe they needed more time to research and look up whether or not one kind of conflicts with the other or they're too similar. Maybe they're going to take one over another, and they're still doing their job, right? Whether or not they're going to take one was still kind of up in the air. But now here we are, and some of these are on their second or third time up for consideration, and they're still putting them down the line. It doesn't give me all that much hope. It kind of takes some of that hope away.

I'm hearing that leading scholars in this area are actually saying that if it goes to conference this Thursday and we don't hear anything again, it's an extremely bad sign. I would be stunned if the Supreme Court doesn't take something this time because obviously, with the amount of questions that are being asked and the number of lawsuits that have made their way to the Supreme Court, it is absolutely high time that they take one of these and simply answer some of these questions that we're asking. That is their job. This is a constitutional question. We want clarification. We want to know things and we want the government set straight. We want the lower courts to know that what they're doing is ignoring Heller and Bruen in a lot of cases. They are just completely twisting it and rewarding it so that it fits their own personal agendas, and then they're coming out with these rulings that are just absolutely ludicrous. A lot of them.

So, this stuff is all over the place, and the Supreme Court is the one that needs to step in and take these. There have to be other people out there that are as pissed as I am. I checked on every single one of these cases. I went to each one of their docket numbers and I checked the schedule to see exactly what's going on. Every single one that we mentioned here today has been reset for hearing on Thursday the 30th, the day after tomorrow. The chance is not gone; it's just very minimal at this point. We'll see what happens, but we're not going to find anything out again until next Monday.

As of right now, they just keep punting it down the line and not taking responsibility for being in charge or being above the inferior courts. I just wanted to make you guys aware that that's what's going on right now. It doesn't seem like anybody is working for us and they're just letting it go because they don't want to be responsible for saying the truth that they are protected by the Constitution, that they are not bannable, and these things are, since before the founding of this country and since before the Constitution, legally able to be owned, possessed, and used by us.

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