The State of California just passed AB28 which increases taxes on firearms and ammunition. This law will take effect July 1st of 2024 and will be on top of any pre existing taxes.

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Hey everybody, how's it going? Welcome back to Copper Jacket TV. So yesterday, I brought you some good news, and unfortunately today, I have to bring you some bad news. I'll try and keep this video short because, well, nobody likes bad news. But the California state legislature has passed ab-28. What is ab-28? Well, I think it's an answer to the fact that pretty much all of their gun control is getting rolled back by federal judges. So they have an answer for that, and what's that answer? Make everything completely unaffordable for the people of California. So let's talk about ab-28 and what just happened.

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Okay, so let's go and talk about what's going on here. Like I said before, we'll try and keep this short. So what ab-28 does is it adds an extra 11% tax to vendors and FFLs for all transactions that involve firearms, ammunition, and what California calls precursor parts. So all of those are going to be taxed at an extra 11%, and that is going to be on top of the existing taxes that you already see. So all your federal, local, and state taxes, that is going to be an extra 11% on top of that.

Now, like you know, when you go into a shop, any tax that is incurred by the business is basically absorbed by the consumer, right? So you'll see it on your receipt that there was an 8% or 9% sales tax that was added to your transaction. That's exactly what's going to happen here because, again, there's no way that the company is going to be able to absorb that extra 11%. So let's say that your current sales tax is 9%, right? In LA County, and different counties, it gets pretty high. But let's just say 9%. Now you're going to add an extra 11% to that. That means that when you go into an FFL or to a vendor for any one of those transactions, you're going to be looking at a 20% sales tax. That's $2 for every $10. So that's $20 for every $100, 20% tax. And in some cases, it might even be higher depending on what county and how many taxes and fees are assessed by them. But it could potentially be higher than that.

Now it's very obvious from the bill itself that California knows that this is going to be challenged the moment that the governor signs it. So the moment that pen meets paper, there's going to be a lawsuit that's going to be challenging this. So what they did is in ab-28, they actually wrote out the historical analogs that they used. You know, post-Brune, they wrote out the historical analogs that they used when creating this tax. As a matter of fact, they're using hunter resource taxes and fees, like right when you go get your permit, it goes to conservation efforts and things like that. They're using that as a historical analog to say that they're able to do this for public safety. So again, they've put historical analogs in there to try and help them fight back the challenges that they know are coming. So again, they know what they're doing is wrong, and that's just evidence of it, right? More evidence showing that they know what they're doing is unconstitutional but they're just trying to prove it by looking at these kind of loosely based historical analogs to try and uphold their law.

California doesn't care; they know that things are going to get rolled back, and so they're just going to make it more and more pricey and basically price people out. And who does this affect most? It affects the people who are low income, the people who probably need these tools the most anyway. So again, that's what's happening. Like I said, we'll try and keep this short, but get prepared because starting on the 1st of July 2024, if the governor signs this, the 1st of July 2024 is when this new tax would hit. So that's where you're going to see things start to skyrocket. I want to let you know about that. I want to thank you all very much for watching. I really do appreciate it. Please like, subscribe, and you guys have a great day.