A new bill was just recently introduced that would BAN bulk ammunition as well as require background checks and record keeping amongst other things. This is due to S. 3223, introduced by S. Warren.


Hey everybody, how's it going? Welcome back to Copper Jacket TV. So, I think most of us understand that there will always be a struggle to maintain our constitutional rights. There's always going to be somebody out there who doesn't like the freedoms that we enjoy and would like to see those rights taken away. Usually, this comes in the form of Congress passing bills that restrict our rights, which is exactly what we have here—a new bill that was just introduced.

This bill would not only ban bulk ammo but add a ton of new regulations on top of all ammunition transactions. So, let's talk about this new bill that was just introduced in the Senate.

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Okay, so let's go and talk about what's going on here. The bill that we're talking about today is S3220. This bill has been introduced and is currently sitting in front of the Judiciary Committee. But it's so new that it doesn't even have the full text uploaded online yet. All we have so far is the title of the bill, but the title gives us enough information to kind of digest what might be in the bill once it comes out.

Let me go ahead and read you guys the title so you know what this bill is trying to do. Okay, so let's go and read this directly from Congress's website. I'm at the page for the bill, and it says, "All information except text for S3223, a bill to amend Title 18 United States code to prevent bulk sales of ammunition." So that's the first part. I don't know exactly what they consider bulk—it could be a hundred or more, in which case, they would ban the sale of anything that exceeded that number. "Promote recordkeeping and reporting about ammunition." So, what they want to do here is they want to do a background check, very similar to what you would do through an FFL. All of that information would be kept by the FFL, and it would be the same type of recordkeeping you would keep for other things that you would get from an FFL. "Ammunition straw purchasing." So, I don't know if you guys ever thought about this, but straw purchasing for ammunition means that you wouldn't be able to get something—a box of anything—and then give it to somebody else. They can consider that a straw purchase and require a background check. Here's the background check part: "Require a background check before the transfer of ammunition by certain FFLs to non-licensees."

Okay, that's just the title of the bill. This is what Warren has to say herself. "Hey, everyone, it's Congressman Robert Garcia, and I'm here with Senator Elizabeth Warren, and we're really proud today to introduce the Ammo Act. The Ammo Act restricts bulk sales of ammunition across the country. It makes sure that retailers who are selling ammunition have the same federal licensing as folks that are selling guns, and it ensures that people that are buying ammunition go through some type of background check. Because here's the deal: right now, there are no federal restrictions on the sale of ammunition, and that makes no sense at all."

So, let's break this down. I want to start off with that very last part where it says background checks through FFLs to non-licenses. So, what they're saying with that title is if you want to sell, you're going to have to have an FFL's license. There's going to have to be a background check done, paperwork probably similar to a 4473, and a fee is going to have to be paid for that paperwork. You're not going to be able to go to any normal mom-and-pop place or someplace that sells tools. They're going to have to be a licensed FFL to do the transaction under this bill.

Now, because we don't have the full bill text, it's very hard to figure out what they would consider to be bulk. But keep in mind, these are the same people that consider 11 rounds to be high capacity, so I assume that number is going to be very low. The threshold for bulk is going to be very low as well. And then straw purchases and all that other stuff, it's all going to be in there. When the actual text comes out, we'll break it down and see exactly what they're trying to ban and what they're trying to block with this. But this is the same stuff that we get all the time.

So, I personally think this is in response to Braun, because as of right now, we're seeing multiple states have their laws overturned or enjoined, barred from enforcement. That has to do with the fact that there is no historical analog, no historical tradition of that type of firearm regulation. So, again, all these states that have been just running rampant lately with their laws are having those laws overturned. Instead of going after the same old thing over and over, I think what they're trying to do now is simply expand on what they feel like they have a right to regulate, which they don't because they're protected by the Second Amendment, just like something with a serial number is. They don't understand that arms are what's protected. We already know that the Supreme Court has said that magazines are arms, and that firearms are arms, obviously. Anything that you can hold in your hand for your own defense is considered an arm. So, these qualify as being protected by the Second Amendment as well. Even if this were to pass, we could use the Braun standard to go after it as well. But that's what they're going to try and do—expand and broaden what they try and go after in the future.

I wanted to make you guys aware of that. If we get the full text here soon and we actually are able to see what's written in the bill, I'll bring that to you so we can get some real hard numbers on it. But I want to thank you all very much for watching. I really do appreciate it. If you live within her district, please reach out and let her know that you do not stand for this whatsoever and to stop infringing on our constitutional rights. Thanks again for watching, you guys. Have a great day.