Extended compatibility

The Extended Bolt Release Version 3 (EBR v3) was designed to be compatible with all mil spec AR-15/M16 receiver sets as well as many billet, side charging, and even left-handed weapons.

The EBRv3 gives the operator the ability to reload quicker, clear jams more efficiently, and eliminates unnecessary hand movements during some operations by extending the lever into the trigger well for access on the right side of the weapon.

Like its predecessors, this is a one-piece replacement part for the mil spec bolt catch found in all AR-15/M16 lower parts kits and is a great upgrade for both right and left-handed shooters. The Phase 5 Extended Bolt Releases are depended on, and trusted by, tactical trainers and Law Enforcement officers worldwide.

Built on the legacy of the patented monolithic EBRv2 and EBRv2-SC levers, the Extended Bolt Release Version 3 (EBR v3) was designed with several upgrades:


  • Heat treated, 8620 high strength carbon steel, same as a mil spec bolt catch
  • Secure patented monolithic design, direct replacement component, no screws to come loose
  • Low profile bolt catch, fits many aftermarket billet upper receivers and most side charging upper receivers
  • Grip serrations added to elbow and end of Extended Bolt Release lever
  • Improved magazine follower catch
  • Larger index finger tab for bolt release


The EBRv3 is specially designed to be compatible with a wide variety of side-charging upper receivers.

The EBRv3 is compatible with nearly all AR-15/M16 platform rifles and pistols. This includes many side charging upper receivers, and billet receivers that cannot accept a bolt-on Extended Bolt Release. In general, if the weapon accepts a mil spec bolt catch, the EBRv3 will be compatible.

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