10.5" lo-Pro Slope Nose (LPSN10.5) Free Float Quad Rail

10.5" lo-Pro Slope Nose (LPSN10.5) Free Float Quad Rail

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Eligible components that are compatible with the LPSN10.5:

Mini Hand Stop - Direct Thread


The 10.5inch LPSN Quad Rail was inspired by lots of beneficial features that shooters have requested and demanded from us and other manufacturers.

The slender design, longer nose, ease of installation and superior construction are some of the features that we designed into this system. Another development feature is the finish quality. The LPSN™ undergoes a rigorous extra de-burring process in order to ensure a smoother snag free finish. The details and level of care during the manufacturing of the LPSN10.5™ make it the perfect choice for everyone.


Built-in QD mounts with internal stops.

Inner diameter: 1.35"

Not compatible with .308

Pat No.: US D717, 907 S

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Overall Length:
10.5 inches
Product Weight:
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Made in the U.S.A.
True-Fit Technology utilized on the LPSN15™

True-Fit Technology utilized with the LPSN10.5™

Phase 5’s True-fit™ technology was developed to secure the rail system onto the barrel nut with an accurate and solid full contact method around the entire surface area. The Phase 5 Weapon Systems Inc. True-fit™ rail attachment system gives the operator peace of mind and confidence that the system will not move or come loose. This is accomplished with 6 screws that form the rail with our True Fit feature around the barrel nut without distorting or pinching the rail at the bottom like in other rails on the market. Phase 5’s True-fit™ rail attachment system allows for the repeated removal and reinstallation of the rail without fatigue.True-fit

10.5inch LPSN
10.5inch LPSN
Steel barrel nut and mounting hardware included

Steel barrel nut and mounting hardware included